Sassier Medical Clinic Day 1 – A Young Life Saved

On September 4, a new 14 room medical clinic welcomed its first patients – the culmination of a 12 year effort to bring primary medical care to Sassier, a poor community in the mountains of southwest Haiti.
The Clinic’s first patient was a young boy who suffered severe burns after falling into a cooking fire while playing.  Without the care provided by the Clinic’s medical team, this young boy’s chances of survival would have been low. Infection sets in quickly and would probably have overwhelmed the boy’s immune system.
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The Gift of Health

New medical clinic in Sassier opened on September 1st.
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Graduation Day in Sassier

June 17 was Graduation Day at College Pierre Toussaint in Sassier, Haiti!  Forty-three students graduated from 13th Grade, the final year of high school in Haiti.  In addition to a community-wide celebration, the students and their families rejoiced in their great accomplishment-for themselves and the school.

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Excitement in Sassier

Excitement in Sassier is rising as the date of the opening of the new medical Clinic in Sassier is drawing nearer.  On June 2, the Haitian Ministry of Public Health granted the Clinic a license to operate for the coming year.

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The Rains have Finally Returned!

After several years of drought, the rains have finally returned to the greater Sassier area.  The drought has resulted in five failed harvests, resulting in significant hunger for many people throughout the whole Grand Anse province, in which Sassier is located.

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Sassier Clinic Update: I Wish it Would Rain

This update is a Good News/Bad News report.  The Good News is that the supports for the new concrete roof were removed during the last week in June and everything looks great.
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Graduation Day

Last Saturday was another big day in Sassier-the second this month. Last week we reported on the completion of the roof on the new Clinic. June 13 was Graduation Day for twenty 13th graders at College Pierre Toussaint and the whole town celebrated! READ MORE

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Up on the Roof...

The concrete roof was pour on the new Clinic building on Friday, June 5.  for those of us used to large cement mixers and related apparatus, you will see from the picures that construction methods are somewhat different in rural Haiti.

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Partners With Sassier

Bringing hope.  Creating opportunity.

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Length of Concrete Road built by Sassier Community in 2011

Children Being Educated in Sassier Parish School (2004)


Adult Literacy Rate in Haiti (Compared to 98% in US)

Funds Spent Educating a High School Student (2014) College Pierre Toussaint--Sassier

Funds Spent Educating a High School Student (2014) New Trier Township High School—Winnetka $21,372

Children Being Educated in Sassier Parish School (2014)

Length of Gravel/Dirt Road Rehabilitated by Sassier Community in 2011


Percentage of Fully Certified Teachers in Sassier Public School (Compared to 0% 10 Years Ago)

Classrooms in Sassier Parish School (2003-2004)

Classrooms in Sassier Parish School (2014-2015)