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Haiti ranks near the bottom of almost every measure of healthcare.  One of ten children die before their 5th birthday, maternal mortality rates are 10 time higher than in the US, and average life expectancy is less than 55 years (compared to nearly 80 years for many European countries).   Many rural Haitian have no regular access to even primary health care.  Health conditions that are easily treated in the US result in death in Haiti.  The primary killers of young children are bacterial pneumonia or diarrhea, both easily treatable with antibiotics that are cheap and widely available in many countries, but not in Haiti.  In Haiti, even minor maladies can be deadly.

Zanmi Sasye has been working with the Sassier community to promote improved health care, nutrition, and sanitation in the region.  Our efforts have included:

  • funding the complete operations of two medical dispensaries in the Sassier area; construction of a new clinic building in the village of Voldrogue, completed in 2006, which serves several thousand people in that part of the Sassier area;
  • organizing, financing and managing periodic visits by teams of American and Haitian doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses and pharmacists to provide expanded primary care to Sassier area residents; and
  • promoting vaccination  campaigns in collaboration with the Haitian Government.

After more than 5 years of development, the construction of a new medical clinic building commenced in December 2014. Once completed, the Sassier regional clinic will be staffed by y a full-time physician and other professionals, and will visited regularly by pediatricians, ophthalmologists, dentists, and other specialists. Our sister organization in Haiti, Oganizasyon Zanmi Sasye , has been work closely with the Haitian Government’s Ministry of Public Health in the design and planning of the facility, which will meet all the standards recommended by international health organizations.

Our Greater Sassier Water Project, now in the funding process with the Haitian Government and the World Bank, will provide a chlorinated, piped water supply to more than 4000 people in the Greater Sassier area. Combined with the Sassier Regional Clinic, this project promises to greatly improve the lives and health of everyone in the area.