A Bountiful Harvest In Sight

Four failed harvests in a row have created desperate situations for farmers in the Sassier area. Nearly two years of drought and the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew last October left farmers with almost nothing–no resources and little hope.

Since January, we have been working with 230 farmers to help re-establish agriculture in the area. Our team, led by Agronomist Wisly Jasmin, has provided seeds, tools, training and ongoing support during the spring growing season.

Fortunately, Mother Nature has cooperated, providing ample rain, but no flooding. It rained for several hours last night (June 16). The plants are very happy.


Our Agriculture Project organized the farmers into teams by geographic area, encouragingly collaboration and teamwork. We visited the farms of three members of the Morne Beaumont team recently–Louisfene JEAN, Dona PIERRE, and Denise DESTIMAT.

The corn was high with full ears and black-eyed peas growing rapidly.  Yams, sweet potatoes and other root vegetables abound.

Farmer PIERRE told us, “The project has saved us. We didn’t have money for seeds and you provided us with premium seeds. We have better crops than ever.” The local teams are also working well. “The best part is working together,” said Farmer JEAN. “Each Tuesday, we work together on two members’ land. We don’t spend money on hiring workers. We support each other. Many hands make easy work!”


Hope for a Bountiful Harvest

Our Project will continue to work with the Farmer teams through the summer to plan for expanded planting for the Fall growing season. There is great anticipation that a bountiful harvest will begin in just a few weeks. Please pray that Mother Nature continues to cooperate. Families will then have enough food for the summer.