How You Can Help

“Haiti is far away and I am so busy… could I ever help?”

“There is so much to do…I wouldn’t know where to begin.”

Great news!  Every journey begins with the first there are many ways to be involved.

  1. Sign up for our weekly News from Sassier email [click here to sign up]
  2. Let us know you are interested [click here]
  3. Adopt a Student in the Sassier Schools for only $125 per year [click here]
  4. Join one of our project teams [join us]
  5. Donate to help provide medicine for our medical clinic [donate]
  6. Visit Sassier with us and see for yourself [contact us to learn more]
  7. Suggest how you can help [get in touch]
  8. Pray for our sisters and brothers in Sassier and for our work!