Excitement in Sassier!

Opening of new medical clinic in Sassier is drawing near.
Excitement in Sassier is rising as the date of the opening of the new medical Clinic in Sassier is drawing nearer.  On June 2, the Haitian Ministry of Public Health granted the Clinic a license to operate for the coming year.
The clinic building is completed, with just some painting and last minute touches to go.  Some of the furniture and equipment is already on site, with more to arrive in the coming weeks.  Potential professional and administrative staff members are being interviewed, with choices to be made by the end of June.
Ten years ago, the idea that a Clinic with a doctor, nurse, pharmacy, and laboratory would someday serve the people of Greater Sassier would have been dismissed as fantasy.  Sassier, as you may know, is a three or more hours walk from the city of Jeremie – a walk that includes wading through a river.  Health care has always been far away – so far that it was unreachable for many people, particularly those who needed it most.
The Clinic’s operations will be overseen by Madam Concepcia Pamphile, the Deputy Medical Director of St Anthony Hospital.  Madam Pamphile has been involved in the Clinic since the earliest days of planning, guiding the development through design, construction and now in the pre-opening phases.
The Clinic will work closely with St Anthony Hospital, the Ministry and the Haitian Health Foundation to provide primary medical care to everyone in the area.  The Clinic is located adjacent to the Sassier Parish schools, so the health care, including vaccinations, will be readily available to nearly 900 children who attend school in Sassier.
In Haiti, people die from ailments we treat by visiting our medicine cabinet or the local CVS.  Too often, help is too little and too late.
Watch for more information about the Clinic opening this summer and the Grand Opening later in the summer.
Soon, children in Sassier will have greater access to healthcare.