Here is the situation update put out by Haitian Civil Defense on October 6, 2016 at 7:30 PM, translated from French by Google.
It is 7:30 pm, October 6, 2016 #MatthewHaiti
1. US Army helicopters landed at 3: 30 pm at the Toussaint Louverture Airport.
2. Digicel promises to reactivate its network in the Grande Anse next Saturday. Apparently some antennas are misaligned while others who have their own generator fell out of gas.
3. The V & F has re-opened the road leading to Anse à Veau Baradères through Petit Trou de Nippes.
4. Food for the Poor has made food deliveries today:
at. Gonave: 7 tons
b. Cap Haitien: 30 tons
c. Anse à Veau: 30 tons
5. Tomorrow subsequent deliveries will be performed:
at. 100 tons will be sent in the Grande Anse, including 25 in Pestel, Jeremiah 50 and 25 to Dame Marie
b. 7 tons in Petit Goave
c. 7 tonnes for 104 families of Bethel Village Lake Azuei where all the fish cages were destroyed.
6. Saturday, subsequent deliveries will be made in Cayes:
at. 100 tons of rice and peas
b. 700 Water bottle crates
c. clothing and blankets
d. medication
7. Tomorrow morning, a helicopter hired by Food for the Poor will make a reconnaissance flight over the Grand Anse and will land, God willing, to Lady Mary, Jeremiah and Pestel where representatives from Food for the Poor will meet members of the 12 municipalities of the department to understand their immediate needs.
8. Tomorrow, 5 water treatment units using solar energy and can handle daily 10.000 gallons each to be delivered in the South County: 3 in Les Cayes, a Chantal, a Torbeck. They should be operational by the weekend.
9. Ocadet, a rural town located 25 kilometers from Petionville, avocado 11,000 were listed before the cyclone. Today, it remains a thousand. It’s the same story for the Deep South where the major part of the True trees and mango trees have fallen.
10. Also in the South, some agriculture experts told us that the summer crops of peas Congo, maize, and millet that was stored while waiting to be sold, were completely destroyed. the end of the harvest in October of three cereals and seeds of banana were destroyed over 80%. All that was planted, there are 15 more days is likely to survive to 100%. It must, however, the Sun gets back to shine and dry the water that invaded the fields. With the grace of God, such a scenario could augur acceptable harvest in December. All this is however translated into a critical lack of food for at least the next 3 months.
11. The three villages Cayemittes (Anse Mason, Pointe Sable and Northern Anse) are badly bent.
12. The inhabitants of the lower town of Anse à Veau still have their feet in the water, but the Church of St. John the Baptist, the Presbytery, the Village Food for the Poor, vocational school and community center of Food for the Poor suffered only minimal damage.
13. Mole Saint Nicolas banana plantations were seriously messed up.
14. The communities of New Touraine and the 4th section of Belle Fontaine were damaged. They are a little further than Furcy. People who were already poor have lost everything and need everything at the approach of winter.
Haitian companies officials have begun spontaneously to show solidarity with the most vulnerable images of Christ in Haiti:
1. SOGEBANK made a pledge of $ 150,000 to Food for the Poor. These funds will be used to reconstruct the roofs of Jeremiah school and a school of Les Cayes.
2. Comme Il Faut has donated US $ 20,000 to Food for the Poor. These funds were used to purchase:
at. 1300 boxes each containing 24 bottles of 20oz of water treated
b. Food provisions that could allow 150 families to sustain themselves for 15 days and includes:
i. Red juice
ii. Rice
iii. Weights
iv. Milk
v. spaghetti