Graduation Day!
June 17 was Graduation Day at College Pierre Toussaint in Sassier.
June 17 was Graduation Day at College Pierre Toussaint in Sassier, Haiti!  Forty-three students graduated from 13th Grade, the final year of high school in Haiti.  In addition to a community-wide celebration, the students and their families rejoiced in their great accomplishment-for themselves and the school.

Ten years ago, 23 students graduated from 6th Grade – then the highest grade level offered in Sassier.  Each year since then, an additional grade level was added, until the first 13th Grade graduation in 2013, totaling 11 students.  Including this year’s cohort, more than 100 young women and men have graduated from 13th Grade!

College Pierre Toussaint in Sassier provides the Gift of Education to more than 300 students from 7th through 13th Grade.  While Sassier has no electricity or running water, the College boasts a computer laboratory with 20 laptops and a library with more than 3,000 books in French, English and Spanish. Another 350 children attend L’ecole Michael Heiming, receiving education from Preschool to 6th Grade.

As one mother of a College graduate told us, “College Pierre Toussaint gives life to our community! Our children stay here in the community where we can watch them.  They are leaders and mentors to the little ones.”  In Sassier, College graduates are Rock Stars, admired by all the younger children.

You will notice the graduation certificates and medals received by each of the graduates, provided by the Venerable Pierre Toussaint Fund of the Office of Black Ministry in the Archdiocese of New York. The Office of Black Ministry has been a key partner in creating Catholic Education in Sassier, including key funding support for the College in its early years.

The College graduates are taking their National Exams this week.  Please pray for their success.

Check out other pictures from the graduation ceremony below.

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