Agriculture 3 06.01.16
After several years of drought, the rains have finally returned to the greater Sassier area.  The drought has resulted in five failed harvests, resulting in significant hunger for many people throughout the whole Grand Anse province, in which Sassier is located.  By early 2016, the situation was getting desperate for many families, who had exhausted almost all of their resources.  Prayers and cries for relief were raised to heaven from churches across the Haiti hillsides.
Finally, the rains restarted in March.  Initially, Sassier residents were afraid to hope… could their prayers have been heard?  Could this possibly be the relief for which they had been hoping for months and months?
Thankfully, the rains have continued.  Farmers’ fields are lush and green, with ears of corn growing full and bean plants of all kinds growing higher and wider every day.  Mangoes and papayas hang heavy on the trees.  Sugar cane fields are overflowing.
“God always hears the prayers of his people!” There will be food on the table, feed for the animals, and fruits, vegetables, and grains to sell to pay for school and other family needs.
Hope has returned with the rainfall.  After living so close to the brink of disaster, the sighs of relief can be heard across Haiti’s hillsides.
Check out more pictures below of the lush and green fields, thanks to the rain!