This update is a Good News/Bad News report.  The Good News is that the supports for the new concrete roof were removed during the last week in June and everything looks great.   (See the photos) The concrete cured properly and all the portions of the roof are properly aligned. While the engineer didn’t expect any problems, it is nonetheless pleasing to find out that all is well.  That is the Great News!
Now the structural portion of the construction project is complete and the finishing portion can begin. This is where the Bad News comes in.  In order to finish the building, concrete stucco is placed on the walls and ceilings, and the final layers of concrete are laid on the floors.  Concrete construction requires a lot of water……but the cisterns are dry.  Our four underground cisterns (under the school buildings) hold more than 30,000 gallons of water.   However, we used the last of it for the roof construction, and there has been no rain for the past 5 weeks.
So, we wait…..and pray for rain.  We’d welcome your prayers and positive vibes to the Rainmaker above.
Soon, we hope to be Singin’ in the Rain…

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