This week we are coming to you directly from Sassier.

The students in the St. Jean Baptiste Parish schools in Sassier are the luckiest in the world.  They have the BEST teachers!  Not only are they skilled, caring and always willing to go the extra mile for their students, but they endure a lot of challenges just to get to school.  In order to get to Sassier, most of the teachers travel 6 or more miles on motorcycles. On the trip, they navigate hilly rock and dirt roads and then need to cross through the Ginaudee River. The ford is gravel bottomed and only six to nine inches in normal (not raining) weather.  But when it rains, the river rises rapidly and crossing on a motorcycle is a real challenge, requiring removal of shoes, socks (and sometimes pants!) and pushing the cycle through the swollen river.  One of our 13th graders told us yesterday, “Even when it rains, our teachers still cross the river, and come to teach us on time. In other places, the teachers just give up and don’t go to their teaching job. We are very grateful.”

We had a great meeting Monday with all the teachers, sharing ideas and listening to their concerns & suggestions. Most of all, we thanked them for all they do to share the Gift of Education with all our students in Sassier.  They are a great gift and blessing for everyone in the community. GWO MESI (BIG Thanks) to all our dedicated Sassier teachers.