Thanks to long-time Friend of Sassier Deb Guy, we were introduced to Mary and Mike McLaughlin, whose organization, Trees that Feed Foundation, is doing fantastic work in Jamaica and in Haiti.

Trees that Feed provides sustainable food sources to communities through fruit-bearing trees with edible fruit and high yields. It supplies trees, equipment and training. This model improves nutrition as well as provides long-term independence from food imports and agrochemicals.

Trees that Feed helps develop local, accessible markets for excess food production. Their Factory-in-a-Box provides tools to produce gluten-free breadfruit flour, which is full of nutrients and can be sold and used in endless ways.

Through local partners in Jamaica and Haiti, Trees that Feed provides high quality breadfruit, cashews, mango, moringa, pomegranate and other fruit trees to local organizations in those countries.  The local partners also provide training and support.

We will be working with Trees That Feed to expand their work in the greater Sassier area, particularly in increasing local production and creating markets for breadfruit and other fruit trees products.  We also hope to use the breadfruit products as a part of our school lunch program.

The Breadfruit Tree
The Moringa Tree
The Ackee Tree