Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.
– Psalm 127

The dream of having a real medical clinic in Sassier is decades old.  Over the past ten years, we have been able to improve basic health care in the Sassier area through education, vaccination programs in cooperation with the Haitian Government and the establishment of a dispensary to serve the local population.  All the while, the community has been planning, praying and pushing for a Sassier Medical Clinic.  No such facility exists within a 45 minute walk of Sassier – the Government’s dispensaries in Latiboliere and Leon are often out of medicines.  Imagine being sick, walking 45 minutes to get some medicines and finding that there weren’t any……..

Built on a firm foundation.

The dream of the Sassier Medical Clinic is becoming a reality.  Land has been purchased, cleared and prepared.  Plans were approved by the Haitian Ministry of Public Health and construction commenced in December.  Last week, the foundations were completed.  As you can see, the clinic structure is built on a firm foundation (see photo at left), not on sand.  It is a substantial facility that will meet all the requirements for medical clinics licensed by the Government.

Now that the dream is turning to reality before our eyes, we are expanding our focus to ensure that the operations of the clinic provide accessible and good quality healthcare to all those who visit it.   We hope that we will be able to have the clinic in full operation by the end of 2015, with a doctor, nurses, medicines and all the rest of the things that will enable the Gift of Good Health to be made available.

To do so, we need your help……

Do you know of organizations or groups that can provide us with medical equipment, fixtures and furnishings, medicines, etc. for the clinic?

Can you or someone you know help our volunteer team develop and implement an operating plan for the Clinic that integrates US and Haitian medical professionals and groups to provide health care, health education, and public health services throughout the greater Sassier area?

Can you help us identify and pursue funding for the operations of the Clinic?   Having a great building with no personnel and medicines would certainly be a waste.

Can you help in another way?

Thanks in advance for joining with us on the journey to Good Health for all our sisters and brothers in the Sassier area!

Here’s the Floor Plan for the Medical Clinic

Here Are Some Pictures of Construction.  The Dream is Becoming Reality!