Monday, January 12 was the fifth anniversary of the devastating Haiti earthquake of 2010. Students and parents in Sassier took time to remember those who were lost, injured and whose lives will never be the same.  Haiti is still healing and rebuilding.  Progress has been very noticeable in the past 18 months, as significant new infrastructure has been completed; schools reopened; permanent housing completed; and public buildings and churches rebuilt.

Building is the buzz in Sassier, as the new medical clinic building began construction in December.  The digging of the foundations was completed just before Christmas and footings will be poured in the next week or so.  The excitement is palpable, since having a real medical clinic will provide good basic health care to Sassier’s residents and those for miles around.  Only one medical clinic (a clinic is staffed by a doctor) exists in the nearly 150 square mile area in the mountains southeast of the provincial capital of Jeremie.  Currently, Sassier residents must travel (usually by foot) at least 10 kilometers to see a doctor.

The Sassier community sees the new clinic as a wonderful gift and a blessing from God.  With this in mind, more than 200 members of St. Jean Baptiste gathered after Sunday Mass in the Fall to bless the land, and pray that the construction and operation of the clinic would continue to be blessed by Divine Providence.

Here is a short video of the procession and the blessing ceremony.

You will note the parishioners carrying stones.  The community’s contribution to the construction is to provide all the stones needed for the project.  Since the foundations are all made of stone, not concrete, truckloads of stones are required.  The first stones are symbols of the community’s commitment to do their part.

We will bring you updates as the construction proceeds.  Please pray for the success of the project.