In 2004, 200 students went to school in the Church and sometimes had peanut butter sandwiches for lunch. The first 8 classrooms of the first school building were under construction.
It’s hard to believe that September is upon us, and that school has begun.  In Sassier, Haiti, more than 840 students (Pre-K to 13th Grade) began at the St Jean Baptiste Parish schools on September 8.  Everyone – students, teachers, parents – are celebrating the fantastic results achieved by our 6th, 9th and 13th Graders on the National Exams.  Each group ranked among the Top 5% of schools in Haiti!  Quite a remarkable achievement for a rural school that did not exist 10 years ago!
This year 850 students attend school, from Preschool to 13th Grade, with 500+ in the new Primary School building, complete with playground equipment and kid-sized furniture.
This year, we will open our new library, with more than 1,000 volumes in French, English and Spanish. With our computer lab, the library will open the world to our students, who live in a community without electricity, running water or other necessities we take for granted.

Most Sassier parents don’t have any education, but all of them want their children to go to school and have a better life. Their children are their hope for the future. The School has changed the community.  Sassier is filled with lively, educated and dedicated young people now.

We receive no funds from the Haitian Government or any international organizations to operate the school – to pay and train teachers; purchase books and supplies; cook and serve meals to nearly 550 students a day; or maintain the facilities.  That is where your help is so important.  Without you, there will be no school.   Each  Adopt a Sassier Student sponsorship of $125 will provide most of a year’s education for one St Jean Baptiste student.  Parents pay tuition of about $10 per year, and many struggle to pay that.  However, we turn away no student.

You can Adopt A Sassier Student via Sacred Heart Parish’s secure Give Central site.