Sassier School Dedication 042

In Sassier, the 18 classroom Michael Heiming School was dedicated by Bishop Gontrand Decoste of Jeremie, Fr. Edner Mars, pastor of St. Jean Baptiste Parish, and Barbara Becker, President of the Association for Schools in Hispaniola.

Barbara Becker receives a present from one of the Michael Heiming students
Michael Heiming was co-founder, along with Barbara Becker of the Association in 2000, but died in April 2012, before the school was completed.   Parents, students and community members spoke of their gratitude for the funding provided by the Association and their pride in the part played by the community in the development, construction and completion of the school.   Teens from Sacred Heart Parish also played a role, working with Teens from Sassier to paint the walls and ceilings of the classrooms and galleries.

Every school day, teachers at Michael Heiming School welcome more than 500 preschool and primary school (Grades 1 to 6) students.    The school is wired for electricity and has running water, flush toilets and a handwashing station to prevent the spread of water borne illnesses, which are the largest killers of children in Haiti.   The School has 50,000 gallons of underground water storage, which ensures that they will always have water, even during dry periods.

The next priorities for the School are establishing the library; having age appropriate furniture and equipment for the preschool classes; and installing a solar electricity system.   A plan for the solar electric system has been developed and we will be seeking funding in the coming months.

Including College Pierre Toussaint, Sassier’s secondary school (7th to 13th Grades), almost 900 students attend school at the Parish schools in Sassier.    Ten years ago, the Parish school met in the Church and had only 200 students from Kindergarten to 4th Grade.   God had brought great things to us!

Sacred Heart Deacon Gerry Keenan Talks with Bishop Decoste of Jeremie

Sacred Heart Deacon Gerry Keenan Talks with Bishop Decoste of Jeremie