children in library program

Now that we have space for libraries for the secondary and primary schools, we need library shelves, tables and chairs, more books, maps, etc.  We received a great start from Sacred Heart children last year, but we need more help.  We need books in French, English and Spanish (no textbooks for US students learning French or Spanish, please).   Also we need money to send the books there, buy shelving, tables, etc.  If you know of a library closing or downsizing, please let Gerry Keenan know at  Often the steel shelving can be obtained at low or no costs and can be shipped to Haiti.   If you want to make a contribution, please send it to the following address and indicate you want your contribution to support the libraries in Sassier.

Zammi Sasye-Partners with Sassier
675 Greenwood Avenue
Glencoe, IL 60022