You may remember that we have been working on the development of a piped water project that will provide potable (safe) drinking water to about 7,000 people throughout the Sassier area.   The project got stalled for a few months due to a change in administration at the Haitian Government’s national water agency.   However, with a little help from some friends, we were able to get to project back on track in the fall.  We just heard that the engineering work has been completed.  Now we will have to work with the Haitian national water agency to arrange funding for the project.  We hope to be able to begin the implementation stage of the project by fall—maybe sooner.  Having a safe water supply will engender a huge improvement in the health of people in the Sassier area.  Water-borne diseases are the second leading killer of children under 5 and afflict people of all ages.  Keep praying that we are able to achieve the funding goals and get the project completed in 2013.