Construction on the Sassier School continues to move along fairly well.  Although the iron and carpentry work for the pouring of the first half of the roof of the large building was complete before the end of the year, the actual pouring could not be accomplished until January 9 because there was not enough water to make the cement.  Both large cisterns in the existing school had run dry, since there had been no rain for 6 weeks.  (Remember that last November and December, it rained almost every day, making it impossible to construct the school’s foundations until January.)  Rains came on January 3, providing sufficient water to complete the first half of the roof on January 9 and 10. On January 19, the bamboo supports and scaffolding were removed and work began on the last half of the roof.  If the weather cooperates, the last portion of the roof should be poured by February 15.

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