Work on the construction of the new preschool and primary school is now moving ahead very well. The 2nd floor roof on the smaller building was finished in mid-November. Work is now focusing on 2nd floor of the larger building, which should be complete in early January. The doors and windows of the rooms on the 1st floor of the large building have been ordered and will be installed in December. The new building should be ready for occupancy in March 2012. The whole Sassier community is getting very excited about the completion of the new school.    Everyone is grateful to the German Government, the Germany Catholic group Kindermisionswerk and the Association for Schools in Hispaniola for providing all the funding for the new school, new school furnishings and a new playground. Sassier is also becoming the talk of the provincial capital, about 10 miles away.   In the past month, the local national Parliamentary Delegate (Congressman) and the local national Senator came to Sassier to look at the new school building and the new concrete road, amazed that such things could be happening in such a remote area.     In our last new letter we showed you a picture of the workers completing the first floor roof of the larger portion of the new building.  Here is a picture of the same building December 14 and a picture of the smaller building, which is now structurally complete.

Large building–note work on roof beams to hold the concrete roof.

Small building–note that the three rooms on the first floor are already being used for classrooms.  There is no other place to put all the children!! There are 28 classrooms of students but only 20 classrooms in the existing school building.