A team of medical professionals from Holland Hospital in Holland, Michigan will visit Sassier from January 14 to 20 to provide primary medical care in both Sassier and Voldrogue (about 45 minutes from Sassier).  Most Sassier area residents rarely have access to a doctor, since the closest ones are in the provincial capital of Jeremie, about 2 hours walk away.  Medicines that we have easily available are expensive and hard to obtain.   Little medical problems such as lacerations and sore throats can be deadly.

Several of the Holland Hospital Team have been to Sassier twice in the past two years. The teams are likely to treat more than 1,500 patients during the medical clinics.   Each of the Team members pays all their own expenses and most make a contribution to the cost of medicine or other expenses.  Without these incredibly generous folks, the medical care situation in Sassier would be dire.   We are most grateful to them for their generous spirit and their willingness to share themselves and their skills with our sisters and brothers in Sassier.

Watch for pictures and updates on our website, Facebook and Twitter while the Team is in Sassier from January 14 to 20!

The cost of medicines, logistics, translators and other necessities for this medical trip will be about $10,000.  If you can help us with these costs, please click on the Donate Now button and indicate that your donation is for the January medical clinic.   Thank you very much for your generosity.