Up on the Roof – Strong and Secure Concrete

Zanmi Sasye’s President Gerry Keenan is in Haiti this week managing the recovery projects funded by your generosity.

Hurricane Matthew showed the significant value of well-built concrete buildings. Buildings with metal roofs could not withstand the 120+mph winds. Once the roof gave way, 20 inches of rain filled businesses, schools, and homes.

Our Haitian partner Zanmi Grandans is building a new concrete school for Holy Family Parish near Sassier. Yesterday was the day for pouring the roof on four classrooms.  This project began in June 2016 and is funded entirely by a German organization.

We thought you might be interested to see how it is done. There are no cement trucks, only two small cement mixers. Once mixed, the concrete is loaded into buckets and passed up the ladder, then dumped into wheelbarrows for delivery. Finishing is done much like it is in the US.

Roof Completed!

The 2600 sq. ft. roof was completed in seven hours. The laborers collected about $10 for the day’s work, more than twice the average wage. Skilled workers make about double that amount. A little moonshine was also provided for a job well done. Jobs that pay are hard to find so these men are willing to work hard to support their families.

There are still two more buildings as part of this school project. We are accepting applications for anyone who would would like to make $10 per day – you won’t have to go to the gym on the way home.

Our recovery and rebuilding work continues. Watch for upcoming reports from Sassier. There is still much to do. We can do it only with your continued help.

Thank you for all you do and all you will do for our sisters and brothers in Haiti.