While Chicagoans everywhere cheered the Cubs on to the World Series victory, our local Haitian partners have continued their work to relieve the suffering of those in the Sassier area.
Deacon Gerry Keenan, President

Having done his part for the Cubs, Zanmi Sasye President Gerry Keenan will be in Sassier from Saturday to Wednesday, working with Sassier pastor Fr. Tony and school principal Wosmany Mars to reopen the Parish schools, which had more than 900 students before the Hurricane. We hope that the children will return, but they have no books, no school supplies, and many even have no shoes. They lost everything. We will also be re-roofing the public school, so those children can also return to their studies.

Thanks to your generosity, three food shipments totaling more than 20,000 pounds have been delivered to the Sassier area. Without your help, many of our sisters and brothers in Sassier would be starving. They know of your love for them and are very grateful. You have given them the ability to hope, and to believe that things can get better. That is a very powerful gift.
One of our food shipments from last month.
While we will continue to facilitate food deliveries and support the schools, we will also be expanding our focus to restarting agriculture,  providing new farm animals, and providing more permanent shelter to those who lost their homes. We hope that international organizations and some foundations will complement your generous support.
Thank you for all your help. We hope you will continue to assist the people of Sassier.  This is a marathon, not just a sprint.
We greatly appreciate your support and your generous spirits. Please donate by clicking the “Donate Now” button below.